compilation etc…

EXPEDITION was released  in 2004. 

Steve Piccolo, Luca Gemma & Gak Sato

How does this sound? 

“Steve Piccolo has come a long way since co-founding the Lounge Lizards in the glorious NY 1980s. […] Today’s complex noisescape meets with moments of lucid detachment in this sonic diary of mental and physical travels." 

Felice Villa, Static 

CrowdofOne – Rai Trade 2007

Finally released live recording of the Box Man as performed at the RAI auditorium back in 2005 by CrowdofOne (Steve Piccolo, Gak Sato, Massimo Falascone). Thanks to Pino Saulo and the great Battiti program on Rai Radio 3 for making this possible. 

Includes compositions by Steve Piccolo and Gak Sato, and pieces by Massimo Falascone. The overall theatrical side of the concert (recited by Steve) is loosely based on the book The Box Man by Kobo Abe.

“Ovunque Proteggi”

Vinicio Capossela 

(2006 Atlantic/Warner Music)

programming & arrangement on tr. 4 & 7

play Theremin etc...

“Fragrance of Notes”

mama! milk

BBC radio 1 Gilles Peterson's Worldwide Awards 2009

Jazz Album of the Year 2009

2008  (windbell)

Play Theremin on tr.1, 3, 8, 12

What is noise (as opposed to sound, or music)? We asked people to send us 5" sound bites of what they consider noise. The sounds are heard on this CD, first with very little manipulation, just randomly sequenced and adjusted at various volume levels, and then in mixes done by Steve and by Gak Sato. There is also a lovely track, more like 5' than 5", contributed by composer Reinhold Friedl, which we decided not to touch in any way because it sounds great on its own. 


Le Grand Escroc


Play Electric Guitar on tr. 9

“Nameless God's Blue”

Toshiyuki Yasuda

(2015 MEGADOLLY MD1506)

Tr.2. Sei gradi di separazione

(Music: Toshiyuki Yasuda, Lyrics: Viola d'Acquarone & Gak Sato)

mama!milk / Vanilla ( c/w Gala de Caras )

7inch single record released on 18 April 2015.

side B. “Gala de Caras”

Yuko Ikoma, accordion

Takahashi Pierre, mandolin, guitar

Gak Sato, theremin

Yuichi Inobori, flute

Takeo Toyama, marimba

Kosuke Shimizu, contrabass

Elliott Sharp / Syzygy /2CD 2019 (DODICILUNE)

Elliott Sharp - guitar, computer devices 

Steve Piccolo - voice, el.bass, object(s) 

Giancarlo Schiaffini - trombone 

Walter Prati - el.cello 

Francesca Gemmo - piano 

Gak Sato - theremin 

Sergio Armaroli - vibraphone


Aomi Session, Baldini Dubfiles, Blue Mondays, C'mon Tigre, Deleted Soul, DJ Gruff e Leila Bencharnia, Federico Dragogna, Gak Sato, Gianni Miraglia e Perla Parisi, Giorgio Mirto e Gaia Russo, Gloria Campaner e Alessandro Baricco, Go-Dratta, Howie B, Macro Marco, M. Valentina Chirico e Maya Williams, Max Casacci, Michele Ranauro, Mordecai, Painé, Parker Madicine, Patrick Benifei, Phoet, Rocco Rampino e Stabber, Sara Berts, Sergio Maggioni, Surre, Volantis e Niccolò Barozzi

mama!milk / Charade (CD/DLP)

album released on 06 Oct 2021.

 “Sotto voce”

Yuko Ikoma, accordion

Gak Sato, theremin

Yuichi Inobori, flute

Kosuke Shimizu, contrabass